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Digital Signage, also known as Electronic Signage or e-Signage, is one of the hottest new technologies for heightening brand awareness. This growing phenomenon will start in public areas, such as Tradeshows, Airports, Gas Stations and Fast Food environments, and will spread into other highly trafficed areas, such as retail, sporting complexes, shopping malls, hotels, casinos and other places where the public can interact with multimedia content that promotes products or brands via entertainment.

Mind Taffy Design has been producing HD resolution digital signage content for well over a decade, many times for the actual manufacturers of the display technologies utilized to display the digital signage multimedia. We don't use low resolution video and then size it up to fit the filmic resolutions afforded by today's display hardware; we actually create at print resolution, and then fit the content to the exact pixel resolution of the retail signage hardware that is going to be used by the client. Custom. Flawless. Effective. Exciting. Interactive. Data Compact. Memorable... MTD!

Mind Taffy Digital Signage Branding Multimedia created for EIZO

Brand Perception is far too important in today's competitive retail sales environment to compromise on the quality of the rich media content. An expensive retail network of HD digital signage is a much more salient investment when 100% leveraged using visually exciting, succulent, high-resolution digital content. Our first digital corporate branding project via digital signage multimedia was for Japan's NANAO, who hired MindTaffy during 1994 through 1996 to create the new media content which was responsible for the re-branding of their company image as well as their product lines. The new company brand was EIZO, which means "Vision," and NANAO hired that cutting-edge new media content production firm that had that futuristic vision.