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RapBot in Under 16KB for VGA resolution

Mind Taffy Design New Media for E-Mail Promotion yields interactive 3D animation using only a few kilobytes of data overhead. This allows our clients to send an unmatched visual product or technology demonstration via compact E-Mail attachments, using an industry standard file format such as Adobe Acrobat 3D PDF, XHTML, Google Buzz or animatedGIF.

E-Mail Media is slated to become one of the most significant avenues for brand promotion and product marketing, as it allows campaigns to be delivered quickly and virally.

Google Buzz is a new rich media e-mail platform that Mind Taffy Design is a registered developer for, allowing us to deliver to pur clients the most compelling e-mail product marketing and corporate branding campaigns.

We use no plug-ins for our e-mail rich media production, using video, animation and image formats that are already within the browser and e-mail software. We can optimize rich media designs to exact a 100% to 1000% reduction in filesize, yielding better throughput, a higher chance of successful reception and viewing, and vastly lower monthly server data-transferred charges. In fact, the reduction in data transferred charges for our high volume clientele will more than offset the cost of rich media data optimization service.