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E-Mail is a fantastic vehicle for Marketing for a number of very specific reasons. First of all, it is now engrained in our society; everyone that's on the digital divide uses e-mail of one kind or another. Secondly, eMail can "carry" things on it's back: These are called "attachments." Attachments can be very valuable in allowing new media brand and product marketing digital collateral to be passed along virally from viewer-to-viewer, as e-mail users forward e-mails to interested friends, family and coworkers. Finally, Google just threw their weight behind e-mail, with Google Buzz.

E-Mail isn't going anywhere! In fact, it's even more popular on the Mobile Platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Google Android, SmartPhone, etc.). Now that Google Buzz has thrown their Google "hat" into the rich media e-mail arena, desktop e-mail will never be the same, and will ultimately follow the same popularity curve of mobile e-mail (AKA texting). Then, we'll see new media e-mail on Mobile.

SmartPhone E-Mail Marketing will move to encompass rich media due to the processing power and truecolor displays that characterize today's mobile phones.

New Media Attachments on both Desktop and Mobile Platforms will allow viral brand and product marketing campaigns to be successfully executed, as long as the data footprint of the rich media is small enough to easily be passed from user to user.

Google Buzz. Mind Taffy Design was one of the first developers to sign-up to participate in the development of the Google Buzz APIs, and will be developing data-compact Google Buzz applications and media content for our international clientele.

Client References. Please refer to the CLIENT section of our website for a complete listing and explanation of compact new media projects that were distributed via email.

E-Mail Marketing Attachments: KDS 3D Multimedia Screensaver