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E-Mail Branding is a fantastic way to promote your product and/or brand using the oldest technology on the PC: e-Mail. E-Mail is currently the hottest thing in Mobile Phones and SmartPhones (it's called texting on the mobile platform) and the important thing about today's e-mail is that it can contain rich media elements, either in the body of the e-mail, or virally, as .PDF, .DOC, .PPT or .ZIP attachments.

Mind Taffy Designs E-Mail New Media for Branding

Google Buzz is going to take the e-mail phenomenon to the next level, a super-charged new media level, where companies and brands can leverage e-content technologies to deliver corporate or product branding campaigns virally, interactively and with Web 2.0 (Social Media) features to boot! Mind Taffy Design high-impact, low-data footprint new media content development work-process positions our production company perfectly for this new "Buzz" of rich media e-mail branding campaigns, which will leverage new media technologies such as: i3D, PDF, PPT, DOC, OpenGL, JavaFX, U3D, X3D, SWF, SVG, ipTV, MP3, MP4 and Digital Video to increase email wow!factor.

MindTaffy E-Mail Branding New Media Content Creation Services

Mobile E-Mail Campaigns currently under-utilize a number of mainstream and proven new media technologies, including Adobe Acrobat 3D PDFs (for viral) and Animated GIF. Seems everyone is locked into data-heavy Flash and Digital Video, which is not the optimal medium for low-bandwidth high-volume new media campaigns.

We are partnering with a number of international technology companies in order to bring our clients and customers to the next level in e-mail branding campaigns. We accomplish this by leveraging platforms & technologies such as Google Buzz, JavaFX, Android, SilverLight, Acrobat3D, VastPark, ipTV, i3D, MP3, MP4, OpenGL, Java, MMOG, Virtual Worlds, Mobile, SmartPhone & Multi-Touch.