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Digital Video Media on the internet is now mainstream, with ipTV just around the corner. Mind Taffy Design Content Development is very well-suited to modern digital audio and digital video rich media, because our content is developed based upon the way the audio and video encoding technologies operate. Another way to look at this is that part of the optimization process is in the project design, and part of the optimization process is in how we go about utilizing the various encoding tools. This includes the decisions about which of the popular encoding technologies to use, when and how to apply them, and the optimal way in which to pre-process content for each of the audio video encoding technologies. We're doing this currently for MyHDTVinc.

About half a year ago MyHDTVinc brought Mind Taffy Design in to design the website and digital new media branding campaigns for their Live HD ipTV Concert Streaming Technology. Currently we are optimizing Live HD Concert Digital Video Media for playback on internet and mobile ipTV networks. We encoded a 3.7GB 4 minute HD live concert performance into 2MB for SmartPhone networks.

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Digital Video Media Optimization EIZO Nanao hired Mind Taffy to do the digital imaging, digital video and digital audio for the launch of their new professional displays used by the film production industry and other high-end users such as designers, scientists and medical researchers. The digital video multimedia was delivered on the 80486 platform running at a slow 133 MHZ, and the production still played the simultaneous digital audio, imaging and video seamlessly, with zero hiccups!

Mind Taffy Design recently created the SRS Audio 3D brand animation which plays prior to TV, DVD, Game and Film properties that utilize their 3D audio technologies. The 360 frames of digital video footage portrays the creation of the SRS Brand Logo, while simultaneously demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of the SRS 3D encoding and decoding technologies.