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Mind Taffy Design's Rich Media Content Design and Development yields brilliant visuals using only a few hundred kilobytes of data overhead, providing our clientele with an unmatched "interactive visual impact to data/filesize transferred" ratio. We deliver media that's 256KB, where other similar new media is 256MB. Recently, Krillogy Educational eBooks hired Mind Taffy Design to create a series of 3D eBooks for a number of key platforms, including Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire, Google Android and Oracle JavaFX. These 3D eBooks use i3D rich media to allow photo-real high-definition 3D eBooks to be created in less than 1MB of data footprint for 40 3D scenes, for an average of 24KB per scene for all code, storyline text and 3D imagery. Mind Taffy is currently working on iTV program versions that will be 10MB of data, or 250KB per scene, at HDTV quality.

This Design Section covers various types of creative design projects that we undertake. These include: 3D eBooks, 3D websites, iTV App Design, Mobile App Design, In-Store Media, Kiosk Apps, E-Signage, DVD Menu Systems, Advertisement Design, UI and UX Design, Desktop Wallpapers, BrandGames, i3D Screensavers, Album Covers, Promotional Imagery, Logo Design, Special FX, e-Learning Apps, Virtual Worlds, Digital Ad Campaign Design, and Interactive 3D Product Design.