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Please use the following information to contact us regarding: iTV Applications Development, Mobile Applications Development, Virtual Worlds Development, Mobile Website Development, Digital Signage Content Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Acrobat 3D PDF Development, Rich Internet Applications [RIA] Design, iPhone or Android Applications, eBook Development, Website Development, Interactive HD DVD Content Development, JavaFX Programming, JavaTV Programming or New Media Advertising Campaign Development.

Mind Taffy Design iTV Content Development

Skype: wallacejackson

Mobile: (Available to Contract Clients Only)

Google Voice: [805] 743-3803

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Eastern Standard Time [EST] Hours: Monday through Friday from 10AM to 9PM

Central Standard Time [CST] Hours: Monday through Friday from 9AM to 8PM

Pacific Standard Time [PST] Hours: Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM

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