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The Client Section of the MindTaffy website outlines the international firms for whom we have created digital content over the past 18 years, arranged by Nation. Our recent clients include MyHDTVclub, Premier, Sony and Tyco, featuring vanguard new media for: iTV, Internet, 3D eBooks, Mobile, PDA, NetBook & TouchScreen e-Signage.

Our first client back in 1990 was hard disk storage industry leader Western Digital Corporation, and we animated the "Caviar" branded HDDs into Virtual Reality. In 1991, we animated the well-known ViewSonic "triple finch" brand logo into 3D Animation of the birds, and were subsequently hired to create the company's OptiQuest multimedia for 3D animated brand promotion and product demonstration.

Meanwhile, a Taiwanese company called Chuntex was starting to promote and sell their CTX brand into North America. Over the next several years (1992 through 1995) we created 3D truecolor product marketing product demos in E-Signage format for their HD Displays, Notebook Computers and Digital LCD Projectors. CTX quickly rose to the #1 spot in consumer displays in 1995. Over the next decade and a half, Mind Taffy Design has created truecolor product demos, optimized to the technical specifications of each consumer display product, for the leading manufacturers of iTV, 3DTV, HDTV, LCD, DLP, LCOS, Plasma and rear projection displays (RPTV and DLP).

In 1997, KDS hired MindTaffy to create 100% custom rich media content for their newly launched Visual Sensations branding campaign and display product launch. In 1998, we created 21 rich media HD LCD Projector demos for Epson. By the end of the 20th Century MindTaffy Design was creating i3D and multimedia productions for Sony's Trinitron Brand Displays and for Sony OEM customer displays, and at the turn of the 21st Century we were creating the TrinitronAdvantage i3D branded edutainment websites for Sony, which were utilized until the retirement of that mega-brand. After finishing Sony's projects, we were hired by Samsung to create an i3D product virtualization of Nexio, it's On-Unit Product Demo, and WXGA resolution in-store multimedia for the new Brand. Currently we're producing iTV & 3D eBooks.