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ViewSonic: In 1991 we were brought in by industry-leader ViewSonic to animate their brand logo (three birds) using 3D animation software on the Amiga Computer. We ended up creating truecolor product demos for their display products, including SVGA and XGA multimedia to promote and demonstrate their OptiQuest brand.

CTX International: From 1992 through 1995, we created XGA, SXGA and UXGA truecolor branding multimedia for CTX. This rich media content also demonstrated their product line's features and technical achievements, helping CTX sign on dealers.

ADI Systems: ADI required XGA through UXGA truecolor product demo multimedia software to showcase their 17, 19 and 21 inch CRT models In-Stores and at Tradeshows and Press Demos. These demos are running in their lobby to this day.

AMS Tech: AMS needed LCD Notebook Computers to exhibit CRT quality graphics in order to convince customers that Notebooks could be used effectively in the office.

ProView: We were hired to create truecolor multimedia product demos for Proview's Display models, and to create optimized website user interface graphics (in 100KB).

KFC: MindTaffy created XGA & UXGA truecolor product demo multimedia software to showcase KFC Smile 17, 19 & 21 inch displays in stores and at tradeshows.

Lion America: We were hired to design the graphics and layout for Lion America's ViewMate Display Print Campaign, including datasheets and product brochures.

Techmedia: The client required HD product demos for all of it's consumer electronic and PC products, including displays, notebook computers and desktop computers.

ArtMedia: We created high-resolution truecolor multimedia product demos for all of ArtMedia's computer display products, as well as creating 3D models, animation and logos, and a new 3D website user interface and website design.