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BrandGames, also known as AdverGames, are a fun and viral way to greatly broaden your brand identity, while simultaneously educating and entertaining your audience regarding your company's product and service. If the brandgame is created "from scratch," it can contain brand or product-related visuals, e-Learning, e-Signage, 3D animation, 3D objects, gameplay objectives, and even accurate virtualizations of your products or technologies, and all as part of the gameplay and scoring objectives.

TYCO ELOtouch Branded OceanAdventure Game

Mind Taffy Design recently created two brandGames for Tyco Electronics for their ELOtouch TouchScreen and MultiTouch HD LCD Displays. The BrandGames were created for each product resolution (XGA, SXGA+, UGA, HD) and showcased both the LCD display quality as well as the responsiveness of the touchscreen overlay. Branding for both Tyco and ELO were in each game, and the games were optimized to 2MB of data footprint so that they could be sent virally (via e-mail attach) to salesforce personnel and corporate customers.

Game Branding can be done via a number of mature i3D technologies such as OpenGL, DirectX, ActiveX, JavaFX, XML, XHTML, CSS, aGIF, Shockwave/Flash, VET, Acrobat3D, U3D and VRML, not to mention Virtual Worlds generators used to create MMO games on-line and casual games for the desktop or mobile platform. Mind Taffy Design is certified in many of these VW, VR and i3D paradigms, and our artisans take the client's brand objectives and create never-before-experienced digital multimedia, leveraging the best technology for each particular project and delivering the smallest filesize (data footprint) currently available in the industry.