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MindTaffy Digital Branding Multimedia is unmatched in both file size and in visual impact. Over a decade ago, Korean Data Systems (KDS) brought in Mind Taffy Design artisans to create Display Product Demonstration Multimedia Content that would be played for years to come on KDS Visual Sensations branded displays in public marketing scenarios such as: In-Store Retail Demos, Point of Sale [POS], industry tradeshows, expositions, corporate sales demonstrations, and press demonstrations.

KDS Digital Branded Screensaver

Since Consumer Electronics manufacturer KDS USA's new PC Display Brand was to be called Visual Sensations, it was absolutely imperative that the "Visuals" on the High-Definition display products were absolutely "Sensational," and that was indeed what the Mind Taffy artisans delivered. We are adept at etching each client's unique Brand into the end-viewer'a mindset, utilizing memorable, photo-realistic eye-candy, created in real-time using the latest open source new media technology, and delivered in Kilobytes rather than Megabytes or Gigabytes, so that it is easily passed along.

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Digital Branding can be done via a significant number of impressive and proven e-branding technologies, such as eBooks, Smartphones, Virtual Worlds, wireless new media, iTV applications, digital signage, GoogleTV, e-Learning, i3D BrandGames, RingTones, Acrobat 3D PDF, Android Applications, i3D Screensavers, Mac, Linux or Windows Wallpaper (Screen Backgrounds), CD-ROM, iDVD, e-Mail, Android or via web. Whether it's visual branding, audio branding, or a seamless combination, MindTaffy always delivers the most interactive, data-compact, succulent, memorable results on every new media project.