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Interactive 3D (or i3D) Visualization can aid in the demonstration of advanced features of your product or technology, which in turn can aid in your marketing endeavors to an under-educated potential customer base.

Sony's Trinitron Technology was a complicated technical subject, for which we utilized i3D technology in order to demonstrate what makes Sony Trinitron technology work better than the competing Invar Shadow Mask technology. Shown on the left (below) are some of the EG & CRT components which we modeled in 3D to show how the electron gun and deflection yoke work together to make superior color display imagery. A completely photo-realistic i3D result was obtained for Sony, and the interactive real-time 3D rendering of the technology via OpenGL correctly simulated the operation of the electron gun on a molecular magnification level. This type of cellular level technology simulation would also be ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. Our content has been delivered in Cult3D, Java, Shockwave 3D Flash, VET & Acrobat.

3D Knife

Mind Taffy Design began leveraging i3D technology since 1997 using MetaCreations MetaStream Technology, and since that time, we have delivered i3D in over a dozen popular industry-standard formats, including U3D, X3D, Acrobat3D, Cult3D, Pulse3D, VET, Java3D, JavaFX, Shockwave3D, VRML and similar. Sony's i3D projects were created using Cult3D, Java, Acrobat, DHTML, JavaScript, and aGIF. We are developing new client i3D multimedia using the latest i3D tools that leverage OpenGL or DirectX for Browser, Desktop and Mobile Platforms, such as Acrobat 3D, MyCosm, U3D, JavaFX, SilverLight, SecondLife, VastPark, JOGL, JME and several others currently in beta. Leading-Edge Visualization can now be done in real-time via fast, multi-gigahertz multi-processors and the OpenGL 3D rendering technology found in every computer.