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Mind Taffy Design has released the iTVset.com and the SmartWatchFun.com websites for application development for the emerging areas of SmartWatch and iTV Set consumer electronics devices. Both of these new market verticals are supposed to approach $70B over the next decade. The support for these new kinds of consumer electronics is in keeping with the two decade tradition of Mind Taffy Design in providing cutting-edge content to leading consumer electronics manufacturers.

MindTaffy Design Digital Campaigns span across all consumer electronics devices (PCs, NetBooks, SmartWatches, SmartPhones, Tablets, iTV Sets and eReaders). What sets Mind Taffy Design Digital Content and UI Design apart from other agencies is our Total Digital Campaign Filesize spanning our entire User Experience. MindTaffy's new media assets typically total less than One Megabyte of data footprint, so they work instantaneously via slower data networks, supporting every country in the world, not just the developed ones. This is done using open source technology, such as HTML5, Java, Android, GoogleTV, PDF, JavaFX, WebGL and other universally adopted platforms. MindTaffy new media is "rendered" in real-time on the viewing platform, which means that your app runs faster and smoother than "server-bound" apps, as the app is "local" to the client.